Thread: Can not access clips on computer but playback on camera?

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  1. #1 Can not access clips on computer but playback on camera? 
    I shot in dual card mode raw 3:1 2k at 120fps. The clips playback in camera but the folders are not accessible on my computer. Any idea if I can retrieve them? it says the file directory is corrupt and unreadable. Cards were formatted exfat and I'm on windows.


    screen shot.

    Want to add my firmware is up to date. and stop recording when frame is dropped was enabled.
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    Update: I plugged the cards back in then got a error message. I clicked scan to repair and footage is now accessible.
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    this happens if you did not safely remove the last card you had in your machine. Always safe eject even if there's nothing on the card, it can effect future work.
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    Its happened to me before. Always with raw in dual card mode. never with prores. Both cards had the same corrupted folders.
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