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    Quote Originally Posted by Marckusw View Post
    Yes I am. One of the founders and I are good friends. My office is at his studio space. I am always involved at some level. One of my sons and I own a production and rental in Santa Fe, Arg. He made the trip to attend, assist in the over all production and hang for the holidays. I may attend Sunday morning but I am sure he will. We will send you a few photos. If you are comfortable pming a cell number I'll have him whatsapp you from the showing.
    That's fantastic, thanks! I'll PM you my mobile.

    Theo Ribeiro
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    Congrats to Laura and Theo!

    They won best doc at San Jose.

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    that looks awesome! both the video and the stills - very excited to see it once it comes off the festivals.

    Congrats on the win in San Jose!
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    Quote Originally Posted by theorib View Post
    Attachment 25024

    This was the main shooting setup. Not as micro as the bare bones camera but still very light and useful for running up and down mountain tops.
    I don't like when the camera is too light as it tends to give me less stable shots but this worked very well all in all.

    Main accessories I used where:
    - Metabones BMPCC Speedbooster
    - SmallHD 502 Monitor
    - Zacuto Gratical EVF and Axis-Mini EVF Bracket
    - Anton Bauer Dionic 90 Batteries
    - Sennheiser MKE 400 On-camera Mic
    - Zacuto VCT Shoulder Pad
    - Wooden Camera trigger handle
    - A Little breakout box that I designed myself to put power in and LANC
    - A LANPARTE Fluid Zoom Drive

    + A few little bits of camera grip stuff to make it all work together

    It's designed so it's quite easy to come off the VCT plate, rip off the EVF and quickly have a smaller camera with just the top monitor for handheld low angle shots and the like:

    Attachment 25025

    On the shoot after we incorporated some Timecode with a Tentacle Sync box:
    Attachment 25026

    How do you like those woodencamera handgrips?

    Some nice imagery in your trailer
    Darren Scott
    Freelance Director/Director of Photography
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