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  1. #1 Hiking with the Ursa mini 4.6k 
    I honestly didn't think it was that bad. I went on about a one hour hike in hawaii and it wasn't bad at all.

    Critique on this is well appreciated, I'm not at all just fishing for compliments, lay it on me.
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    First three shots have a problem. She's supposed to look up to the trees. The second shot a POV. Then it should cut back to her, not to some other random foliage.
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    looks amazing. Joe is spot on otherwise it's a great little piece.
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    yeah, I shot it without any idea in mind, no storyboard etc. so it was just making the best of what I had.
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    This is a personal can edit however you would like. It's totally fine.

    I need to visit Hawaii!
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    I enjoyed it! Was that a CGI bird?
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