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    Just want to inform you about release of ARRI Type Rosette Mount Module. This is next step to complete a BMMCC rig kit. The main idea of this accessory is to allow easy access to camera buttons and same time keep rosette mounting point as close as possible to camera gravity center. This mount also can be used with many other rigs and cages with 9mm distance between threaded holes. Symmetrical dual handle config possible as well.
    It is precisely CNC machined and uses quality stainless steel ARRI type rosettes Earlier i planned to release this mount as a kit only with upcoming handle grip, but handle development goes rather slow so this mount available as standalone option right now.

    P.S. I do not want to overprice things because want to make it available to as many people as possible. It appears that BMMCC market is really small and there is no huge profits for selling hand made stuff like this in small batches. So if you on high budget production and if you wish to support future development feel free to add additional $5-10 as donation. Just notice me about this before purchase.

    Assembled kit includes:
    - 1pcs Rosette Mount (factory CNC machined aluminum alloy, anodized in black color).
    - 1pcs Stainless Steel ARRI type Rosette.
    - 2pcs 1/4"-20 5/8" length Black Oxide button head screws.
    - 4pcs M3 Stainless Steel screws.

    Tech Specs:
    ARRI Standard Rosette with M6 thread.
    Distance between mounting holes centers: 18mm.
    Weight: 47g.

    Package cost total:
    ARRI Type Rosette Mount Module Kit = $35 + optional donation
    Worldwide shipping by registered air mail with tracking number = $6
    Payoneer funds transfer fees = 3%

    Currently I can accept payments only with Payoneer Billing Service because PayPal don't works in my country for receiving funds.
    Here are few links explains how the Payoneer Request a Payment service works:

    For order details send me a private message or contact directly to radioproektor (@) gmail . com

    More info about earlier development of this ARRI Type Rosette Module

    See also my other projects and accessories for BMMCC:
    Angle HDMI Clamp kit for BMMCC SmallRig Cage
    PWM(S.Bus)+LANC+12V DC BMMCC Angle Breakout Expansion Box Module

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    I got one of these, and they work great for the Ursa Mini Handle on the Micro Camera. I have the Wooden Camera Micr cages and it fits nicely. Thanks Shijan.
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    Do you know if this works with the 8Sinn cage?
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    At first look it seems that 8Sinn cages use same common threaded holes standard as SmallRig and WoodenCamera (9mm between threaded holes centers). I can suggest you to measure distance between threaded holes on 8Sinn cage or ask 8Sinn manufacturer about this specification.
    Distance between Rosette Mount mounting holes centers: 18mm.
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