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    Hi there,
    Just looking for anyone that can help with me an audio question I have. Tomorrow I'll be shooting an interview - recording a boom mic into xlr 1 of the ursa mini and a lav mic into channel 2. I need to get these files into resolve, first light them and export them out as DNxHD files for the editor. Does anyone know if I need to split the audio into mono tracks before I send them on? Or can I literally just pull them into resolve with a single stereo audio track, grade, export as DNxHD and the editor should still be able to split the audio files at their end? Or is there another workflow I should do which would be more efficient? Huge thanks to anyone with any words of wisdom.
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    If it's for Avid I would suggest you deliver DNxHD as MXF OP-Atom. It will generate one file per track (V1+A1+A2) and the editor can put all those files in a numbered folder inside Avid MediaFiles/MXF/ and drag the resulting .mdb database into a bin after Media Composer have indexed the folder. Then all the clips will populate the bin without the need for any rewrap/import. Remember to enable "Assist using reel names from the:" and select "Source clips file name" in Master Project Settings. It's the reel setting that I find is most compatible for offline to online workflows in Avid if you're shooting Quicktime or other container formats.

    As for splitting into mono. That can be done in Avid in one click if it ends up in stereo for some reason.
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