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    First off, as a new user hello to everyone!

    Let me get straight to the point. I might be asking help for the photodetector, optical sensor, and logic output sensors, as I found from the datasheet of SDP8371-001 - is a precision Optoschmitt detector molded in a side-looking clear plastic package. The detector is a monolithic IC, consisting of a 0.030 in.(0.762 mm) square photodiode, amplifier, voltage regulator, Schmitt trigger and an NPN open-collector output transistor. The output is a buffer logic type, switching from low to high when illumination is increased to the threshold irradiance. Detector sensitivity has been internally temperature compensated and laser trimmed for narrow sensitivity range.

    Is there any doubt for detector sensitivity? Can anyone help me about photodetector? I'm stuck with it.

    Thanks, anyone who replies and sorry for my poor English.
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    My friend...are you attempting to hack a Blackmagic sensor board?

    Are you going to form your own camera company? Perhaps called BLUE? With your own codec called .BLU3?

    Power to ya!
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    No, my friend...I would not.

    Thanks for your reply.
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