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    Hello All,

    Hoping somewhere out there has some experience with the Kiev lenses. I bought a set on ebay and the 20mm and the 50mm fit the adapter I bought perfect. The 12.5mm doesn't. Upon further inspection though the Kiev's are supposed to come with a 12mm/f2. The one I bought is a 12.5mm/f2. And the Krasnogorsk is a 12.5mm/f2.2. So I appear to have a lens that I can't find any info one to track down an adapter. It doesn't fit the M32x.05 adapter I bought from RAF and it doesn't have the bayonet mount like a Krasnogorsk. I thought maybe the threads were just buggered, but the end cap spins on easily and when I try putting the adapter on it just feels like the threads aren't right, not that they are messed up. If anyone has any insight into this that'd be awesome.

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    I don't have the Kiev 16u lenses, I went the Kragnogorsk set instead. When researching I noticed that some 16u lens sets did come with a 12.5 instead of the 12mm.
    Weird that it doesn't fit your mount. Maybe there is something up with the threads.

    Here's a set with a 12.5mm instead of the 12mm
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    I have a set up both the Krasnogosrk and Kiev-16U lenses.

    Both sets have 20mm f/2 and 50mm f/2. The Krasnogorsk is 12.5mm f/2.2 and the Kiev 16U is 12mm f/2.

    All the Kiev 16U work with my RAF Camera adaptor - Kiev-16U to MFT. No problems at all.

    Incidentally the Krasnogorsk 12.5mm vignettes slightly on the BMPCC, the Kiev-16U 12mm doesn't.

    I like the feel of the Krasnogorsk lenses better - bigger physical body and longer focus throw. But the adaptor I have is crap - plus the 12.5mm vignettes - so I use the Kiev-16U as first choice when wanting a really small, portable "super-8" style rig. They are lovely lenses when you want a vintage look.
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