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    I was wondering the best way to get actors for my short film project? It is nothing professional but just some fun ideas that I have.
    Some people write stories or draw pictures or take photos for hobbies, I like shooting short films.
    Being just for fun, the budget is very small to non-existent

    TLDR: What is the best way to get actors for my fun project

    Thanks for your help.
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    My first two live action shorts were on the "friends & family" plan. My daughters were in theater in high school and I let a bunch of my friends know I was making a little film and they hopped in. Of course it wasn't amaaaaazing acting, but it was Ok for what it was and we all had a lot of fun since I was just getting into live action filmmaking after decades in CG animation. My third short I posted for actors on the local actor boards for theater and on I did some video auditions, but also held live auditions in a rented room and did the casting myself. I ended up with some good local non-union theater actors who were looking to try out film. The results were a clear step up from the friends & family, they did a good job. Not Oscar worthy and there were some missed opportunities, but overall they brought a level of professionalism for my work. On my latest short I went full hog and I hired a CSA casting director. We worked with SAG actors and went through a pretty thorough casting process. That was not inexpensive, but man the performances I got were very good. In general there's a reason SAG actors are in SAG- they're good.
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    Local theatre is always a good bet. SAG is great but can be speedy for many. And I've met lots of excellent actors who were sag eligible but weren't active in the union so they could work indies easier. A lot of larger cities have Facebook groups for actors and theatre as well and they are good spots for posting calls.
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    We're working with the local kid's drama group for an upcoming production.

    We've checked with authorities on any licences requirements and we're all good to go.

    We'll have an 'interesting' day trying to wrangle 5 x lead child actors on stage with an audience made up of approximately 40 who need ot react on queue.... Most of our budget is being spent on hiring lighting, paying a small but great crew, buying a new SmallHd monitor and gimbal and Haribo to keep the kids happy. We might blow a bit more on some 'Film Crew' tshirts to say thanks to the kids.

    Other ideas for cast would be to do a shoutout in your local areas ating groups on Facebook. I've tried our local Devon/Cornwall group but it's stil pending which is a shame as we could have done with a great adult male lead to play a teacher.
    A professional 2D / 3D animator with a passion for film.
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