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Then if the UMP is too cheap and the Alexa Mini too expensive, then Scarlet W or Varicam LT probably best bet. Varicam35 has been gaining some traction. The LT has a lot of what that offers at lower price point. I think Scarlet W if some of its negative attributes don't bother you. It's a great camera. and probably best bang for your buck in the RED world.

Or buy 2 UMP if you need a backup for reliability issues. Lots of choices between $5-20K. Ultimately only you know what will work for your needs. But at that budget, I'd be looking Scarlet W or Varicam LT.
2 UMPs sounds like a good solution. Seriously that Varicam 35 is amazing and the LT has the same sensor. It also supports the 4K Raw Odyssey7Q, so you should be able to get the most out of it. It seems like all the new Netflix shows that I've been watching are shot on the 35. DPs are gravitating towards it over the RED.