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    I purchased an UltraStudio Mini Monitor for playback on my external monitor. It works, however there is no sound. It's connected from my laptop to an Asus PA248Q monitor which has no audio output. Is there anyway I can still have playback yet keep the audio output from my laptop?

    Second question is about Dual Screen mode. I'm in extended display mode in Windows, and choose Dual Screen in the Davinci Resolve panel. Under "workspace" I set my main display to Display 2 (which is the Pa248q). It works fine until I hit ctrl+F for full screen. I am able to play it back in full screen mode, but upon exiting Full Screen mode my 2nd monitor becomes black. From here I can press ctrl+F to again view my playback, OR I can hover my mouse around on the upper left corner of the second monitor the menus for Davinci will dropdown. The only thing I can do is go to where I know the Workspace menu is, and select Display 1 as my main display. This reverts everything. Is there a way around this? Did I screw the settings up somewhere? This is my ideal situation and in which case I'd get rid of the Ultra Studio Monitor.
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