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    Here is my first video with with the UMP and shogun flame. Shot in the Bolivian desert. The last 3 scenes were shot after sunset. Really happy the ISO 1600 and NR. The only issue i had was that I need a new monitor for color correction. Every time I compared the contrast on different devices it looked different.
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    lol.. acting was eh... but otherwise.. pretty cool concept!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NVisionFilms View Post
    lol.. acting was eh... but otherwise.. pretty cool concept!
    Ha.. YES!!!, actually when we started with those videos, we thought the lighting would be the biggest challenge. But turned out the acting is where we have to improve most right now. Now I understand why "real" actors get paid so much We only have one extra guys who we are teaching how to operate the camera when we are both in the videos.
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    I don't know why I didn't expect you to go back down the pyramid. Goodness.
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