Thread: Help!!! My 2.5k BMCC MFT stopped turning on!!!

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  1. #1 Help!!! My 2.5k BMCC MFT stopped turning on!!! 
    I need some help! my BMCC has been working perfect with no flaws at all. I checked BMD website and saw they have an update for it that adds new frame guide and a couple other things. I downloaded the new firmware, restarted my computer, ran the new update, and it asked for me to plug my camera into it and power on the camera. I turned the camera on and it only came on for about 5 seconds and shut off. Now it won't turn on at all! What could of happened and any ideas on how to get it to turn on again??

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    Could you try an old version of the software and see if you could reinstall? I guess this would require the camera being turned on, so probably not helpful...
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    Did you try holding the power button until it turns on? 10 seconds I think.
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    I usually uininstall the old FW then install the new. I don't know if that makes a diff...but...
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    Did you try the 10 second power button advice from Capt. Hook?

    I had a problem similar to yours in 2014.

    Plug your camera in and hold the button 10 seconds. Wait a minute, turn it on.

    It that doesn't work same procedure with you USB cable plugged in to you computer ready to install the firmware so as it comes up it re-installs.

    Try the re-install several times.
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    I wanted to update everyone on what finally made the camera take the v2.1 update. Someone suggest that I try unplugging and plugging in the USB cord from the camera over and over a few times. They said that sometimes the camera won't recognize a firmware and it takes a few times plugging it in to sorta shock start the firmware update. I gave it a try and bam the camera accepted the firmware update. Now I am running v2.1 firmware and all is good. I also wanted to note that my camera did not have the black hole sun issue before the upgrade and thankfully it doesn't have it after the upgrade.

    Thanks for all your help!
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