Paul Kruize is a bespoke tailor specializing in jeans. He likes to keep things simple and small. Just one man… One machine, making one pair of jeans at a time. Cut and sewn exclusively for the individual client. It’s all about quality in fabric, design, technique and – without a doubt – fit.

His lifelong passion for denim brought him to making jeans. Years earlier he had already done a few things in the field. He made trousers, shirts jacket, the lot. For jeans though, he had to start from scratch.

"Who I am as a person and who I am as an artisan doesn’t differ that much. What I do is very close to myself. I feel I can only work in a way that I believe is the right way. I hope people will appreciate these beliefs and will show an interest in what I do and make. I truly feel you have to do what makes you tick and stay true to yourself."

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"The goal for us was to portray Paul in*a very sincere and clean way. This was the*first time working together, not really knowing what both our styles combined would create. But in our honest opinion we think we put down something that tells a story."
- Peter van der Ham & Melvin Winkeler -

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Shot on Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k in 4:1 RAW with Zeiss Distagon Primes and a Syrp slider.