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    Hey guys,

    I shot a baptism video today. Just a reminder to myself that I really like the Ursa Mini 4.6k and how the footage just looks modern and cinematic without a lot of tweaking. And with the kind of flexibility and DR this camera has, it must be an incredible toy in the hands of an experienced colorist. I'm still saving for a proper video coloring monitor, but in the meantime I'm coloring with what I have.

    PS: For some reason I stopped being able to upload pictures to this forum...
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    Very nice shots.. has that cinema feel for sure..

    check out my lut.. i use it as a start point for my log footage.. let me know what you think.. im trying to learn LUTs!laoTSTwB
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    These look beautiful David.
    The family is lucky.

    What lenses?
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    So beautiful. I love this camera. Someday I dream to upgrade my bmmcc and bmpc4k for it.
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    Thanks guys. These were all shot with the Sigma 18-35 with the exception of the last one which was the Tokina 28-70. The 18-35 is my main work horse for this kind of thing where I have to work with available light (and we all know how light is not abundant especially in churches and when shooting high fps).
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