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    Hello guys,

    It might be a weird question, but i'm looking to invest in a camera for short.
    Is the Big URSA is still releavant since the mini pro exist ?
    I've been watching as much footage as i can and i really prefer the shot from big ursa.
    Thank you
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    I've got a brand new, in the box, PL Ursa v1 PL mount for $1600.
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    I'm still shooting with the big URSA and have no intention of stopping. From my perspective, it is as relevant as the minis - just depends what your need is and how you care to use it.
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    It is still an excellent tool, as EYu indicated. It is a different camera, different sensor, but has a Global Shutter vs rhenMi I Pro Rolling Shutter. So I would pick the best tool for the job you wa t done that will fit your workflow!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kgimedia View Post
    I've got a brand new, in the box, PL Ursa v1 PL mount for $1600.
    I might be interested in that one. Trying to PM you now.
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