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    Looking for something small lightweight and compact. Anybody have any experience or links to any good reviews? The internet is filled with way too many "passionate" reviews. I'm primarily concerned with stability and IQ for shooting HD.

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    I've used an iPhone 6 on gimbal with Filmic Pro so can't speak for the 7, but I never achieved accurate frame rates, it was always something like 25.03fps, and on the OnePlus 2 I had the same problem with even bigger differences. The app does say that they can't ensure a constant frame rate unless you are shooting at 30fps (never tried as I don't shoot NTSC), so can't confirm. I also talked with someone at Filmic Pro via email and they told me the same, and that there were many easy ways to convert the frame rate to 25fps, so basically you're on your own.

    Having never tried the Osmo, I do use DJI cameras, the Zenmuse X3 on the Inspire 1 and the Mavic Pro camera, and it seems to do an almost as good or better job than the iPhone (again, comparing to the 6, not the 7), and you can shoot D-log, which is nice, and upgrade to a more serious camera like the X5, maintaining the portability.

    All of this considered, I am still not happy with the way the image cuts with other cameras (we shoot mostly with 5D mkIII and A7SII), so we just bought a Nebula 5100 Slant gimbal, which is a good compromise between portability and quality, and I actually get to use it, instead of the DJI Ronin that came out of the case 2 times in 2 years.
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    the osmo is very nice in day shots.. not a fan for low light.. but it works..
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