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    Hi guys

    What are you using to clean your lens filters? And I mean every kind of dirt but especially smudges (i find these very hard to wipe).

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    I just use a lens cleaning microfiber cloth.
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    Use a handheld blower for particles, and a clean lens cloth to wipe smudges. After a little while each of my cloths start to pick up dirt themselves so I keep a bunch of unopened ones
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    'Cotton' cotton swabs and distilled water.
    Never use one cotton swab for more than 1/4 of a lens or filter surface.
    Never allow the lens surface to become wet. EVER. The goal being to NEVER let the water or any other fluid reach the edges of the seal.
    No chemicals.
    No re-using any cloths or wipes.

    I have lenses from 1980 that are FLAWLESS thanks to this method.
    Cameras: Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Blackmagic Pocket Camera (x2), Panasonic GH2 (x2), Sony RX100 ii, Canon 6D, Canon T2i,
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    Thanks guys. I'll be shooting at the beach this weekend and I'm worried about salt and other stuff going into my UV filter. Not really worried about the filter itself but because I need my footage to stay clean and sharp so I don't want a dirty filter. What precautions would you guys take while shooting at the beach?

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    I do things a little raw; I'm sure there are camera bags and covers you can buy but when I shoot at the beach I wrap my rig in a shemagh. It's also useful for poking your head under so you can see whatever monitor/evf you have set up, since the sun is so bright. I'd never shoot at a beach without either a canned duster or hand blower, plenty of lens cloths and several microfibers. Sand will get all over your support system and water will spray onto your lens, even if you are pretty far from the water it will accumulate over time. Another option is to bring a thin sheet of wood (like the ones they lay down under dolleys) and put your tripod on that.

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