Thread: Good camera hiking bag for Ursa Mini 4.6k?

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  1. #1 Good camera hiking bag for Ursa Mini 4.6k? 
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    What's a good camera bag for hiking around with an Ursa Mini? I have a pelican 1510 for storing it and some travel, but I'm going out into the woods and can't really lug that around. I need a good day bag that will still reasonably protect it.

    any recommendations?
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    I absolutely love this bag and it's stunning for the price
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    I don't know if there's a formal 'backpack" that will fit the URSA, but I also have the Ape Case that Dan posted above, and it is outstanding for the price. It's my number #1 bag now for out and about locally.
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    Stumbled upon this a few months back whilst searching for wheeled backpacks that could fit the UM fully assembled with matte box. Haven't dropped coin on it yet, but here is one review:

    For the price and features, it's a compelling option.
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    I use a lowepro photo trekker AW ii.
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    I bought this one a couple of months ago, I absolutely love it. At first glance doesn't look like you could even fit the camera alone in it.
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