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  1. #1 Fusion 9 just dropped. 
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    Title says it all, minus that it's $299/Free now.

    Thanks BMD, the Resolve/Fusion combo is a pretty powerful set of tools, even the free versions, which is more than some of us need.

    I truly mean it. Thanks.

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    Yep. It kicks major ass. Thanks BMD
    Go to my site to see my current Production and Post Production Gear
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    Great to read that they now have Apple-certified ProRes on Windows - there's hope for Resolve too.

    P.S. No hope for Resolve, probably because of restrictions by Apple. No batch encoding either. Apple should rethink this or they may loose their position in the film/TV industry.
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    When I finally move to Resolve 14, I think I'd better look into adding Fusion.

    By the way, I tried the Resolve beta5 and used it on a wedding video, but had some strange things going on with the audio track controls so went back to 12.5.x for my most recent wedding videos.
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