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    I did not remove the turret because I had no need to get inside behind it. I did not want to introduce any faults.

    I expect the URSA main body under the turret will be the same. In the back of the turret there will be separate sockets or plugs which match sockets or plugs in the camera body, maybe Lemo type, like the SI2K which has a docking body for the camera module. On the PL turret, there is probably a blank hole or depression where the lens control plug/socket would be on the EF-Mount turret.

    I imagine that at some point BM may have thought of making the turret detachable to be used as a remote camera head on cables like the SI2K P+S recorder unit and the SI2K mini.
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    For interest of anyone who would like to have a speedbooster in their URSA, I have obtained some numbers from a local machinist.

    Costs thus far :-

    For both the internal support for the speedbooster optical cell and Nikon F-Mount base only = AU$460-00, plus material.
    GST if in Australia = AU$46-00.
    Nikon F-Mount supplied separately by camera owner. = Cost unknown. Cost $AU Zero if the Speedbooster is Nikon Mount type.
    "Ultra" 0.71 Speedbooster optical cell supplied by camera owner. = AU$610-89.

    With used big URSA cams going inexpensively on eBay, a cost of about AU$1010-89, plus AU$102-00 GST probably represents over-capitalisation for the benefit of near-to full stills frame fields-of-view and being wedlocked to Nikon F-Mount lenses.

    I have not been able to obtain any information regarding permission related to fitments designed to match registered design and separate supply of the 0.71 "Ultra" optical cell from either Metabones or Caldwell. Each entity seems unwilling or incapable of replying to email queries.
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    For the sake of those who are curious, I have been a bit slack but finally got around to trying the URSA speedbooster arrangement outdoors in near to real-world conditions at an air show with a Sigma-for-Nikon 50mm-500mm zoom I have used previously on the SI2K camera for ground-to-air vision of aircraft.

    Like the SI2K/P+S Technik camera-recorder, the big URSA is a struggle and grunt to cart around and set up on one's own. The URSA mini is obviously a better choice for agile portability. An assistant would make a lot of difference. An eyepiece viewfinder would also make a lot of difference.

    The inbuilt mikes work better than I thought they would for ambient sound. To minimise wind buffet, I shoved a sort of fluffy seatcover moustache under the lens mount where the small mike ports are. The audio levels remained fine and the camera's audio recorder also seems to tolerate excessive levels better than I expected.

    Except for a small speck on the sensor which indicates I have been careless, there seemed to be no vices with the lens compared to using it without a speedbooster a few months ago. I had to fit an ND.9 filter to keep the exposure level within reason.

    When I can muster a greater horsepower computer to reproduce the 4K image, I will assemble and upload a clip.
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    For curiosity sake here is some vision shot at an airshow last Sunday with the big URSA, the 0.71 Speedbooster in place and a Sigma-for-Nikon 50mm-500mm f4-f6.3 zoom. The vision had gone through two conversions to get it though my rather sad editing computer. Was shot in 3:1 RAW. There was a ND.9 filter on the front to keep the light levels civil. - Yeah I know the framing is all over the place like a dog's dinner. The big URSA balances a little differently to the SI2K on a non-sprung fluid head and I am also out of practice. When chasing aeroplanes it is one of those use-it-or-lose-it skills.

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