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    vvvvv, this is great example! 0.5 pan/tilt don't fix raw moire. It fixes only cross-hatching pattern effect. I may fixe about 3-5% of lightest moire but it is very minor fix.

    RAW moire can be 99% fixed with optical OLPF filter.
    It can be semi fixed with chroma noise reduction, but jagged edges and strongest rainbow patterns will be still visible.
    It can be semi fixed with some kind of complicated digital low pass upscale-downscale processing. Something similar to unknown internal camera processing when shoot ProRes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vvvvv View Post
    Since my comment was the one that derailed the original thread hereīs I quick example of what I was talking about.

    Attachment 24487

    Maybe itīs my limited Resolve knowledge but I could not fix the raw moire with the 0.5 pan/tilt workaround. Could someone maybe give the "for dummies" guide?

    And Timothy, what is the software Robert linked you to?

    Don't worry it's not you. The .5 pixel shift technique doesn't solve the issues were are having.
    The software that Robert recommended is "Photo Ninja" it's a RAW photo processor, and it seems to have a function that specifically address the type of artifacts we are having. The only problem is that it seems to be for single frames only, and doesn't have a muti-frame or video feature.

    It seems to be limited to RAW only, and when shooting in Prores it just has your normal everyday moire'. For now if I know what I'm shooting will induce this then I'll shot in Prores.
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    Ok, thanks for clearing this. Have to say this thread is a bit confusing with all the different moire/hatching issues talked. And too bad the Ninja is only single frame.

    From my experience also the ProRes and raw are very different with moire. In addition to regular old moire, ProRes can also do the colored rainbows but it never does this Circuit Board mess that is really distracting in my view.

    I have seen samples of the raw moire even from early BMPCC footage so I dont think anyone should wait BM to do anything about it. Without an OLPF the BMMCC is a risky camera to use in raw. I have never had this kind of love/hate relationship with any camera
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