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    Selling my Zeiss 11-110mm MK2 lens. I've had the lens for a couple years, bought from another user here, and it's been an awesome lens on both the Pocket and Micro4k. The zoom was getting sticky on the last project I used it on so I sent it in to be serviced (for about $600 USD) and I just got it back. I'm only selling it because I found it to be a little shorter than I needed on the long end so I picked up a Canon 10.6-180mm to replace it. No marks, haze, fungus or anything on the optics, maybe a little dust in the middle somewhere if you're really looking for it. The body of the lens has some minor wear from handling but nothing to indicate the lens has ever been dropped, scraped, hit, or injured in any way.

    The lens is considered a MK2 though there was never a MK1 of the 11-110mm. It's the widest Zeiss S16 lens you can get barring the Ultra 16s, the ultra stands for ultra rare and expensive. It's a fast T2.2 or f2.0 lens than is sharp and contrasty throughout the zoom range. The lens is complete with both caps, the zoom stick, Chrosziel Fluid Zoom drive, and the near impossible to find lens support. I don't have the screws for the lens support as I never installed it, you need to remove the rubber grip on the barrel to do so so I left it alone.

    $4200 USD includes insured shipping anywhere in the world. PayPal only please.



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