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    Hi guys

    Does any of you Ursa mini 4.6k owners realized what are the best zebra settings to protect highlights? I have mine at 85% but I guess I'm being conservative as most of my zebra blown out information is still there to recover in post.

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    For mid day exteriors and exteriors in general I use 80% and that's primarily my target for the sky and I'll expose for that, clouds and white objects still have enough headroom to be white and maintain detail and color. Blown out blue skies are a huge bummer.

    For interiors it's typically about 95%, I don't expect anything to blow out on an interiors other than maybe a light source or metal/glass reflection so it's more of a warning than exposure tool. For interiors it's strictly light meter.

    I don't shoot an Ursa but you get the idea, different shooting environments will likely demand different parameters to achieve the best results. I'd really like to start using false color but every time I turn it on it's Yaugh! What the hell is that!
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    Thanks Howie. You actually reminded me of False Color. I use that a lot but mainly for setting skin tones exposure. I have to remind myself that it can also be used to check clipping levels. And yes, burning up a blue sky looks like 8 bit dslrs all over again...
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    I'm shooting with 90% zebras and occasionally blow something, but relying on false colour almost totally now. I've even down some shoots where I leave false colour on all the time while shooting events and I know I've got focus covered. It's weird, Howie, but you get used to it and it makes exposure decisions easier.
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