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  1. #1 Using exposure from RAW for light effects. 
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    I am doing a short film where I want the lights to flicker as if a paranormal phenomenon is happening in the room my actor will be in. I may be able to get some cheap dimmers to attach to the light bulbs in the lamps but the shots are not really going to see the light bulb flicker its more of the lighting effect in the room I'm looking for. Would key framing the exposure up and down in the RAW tab in premiere pro create a decent enough effect?
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    Unless you keyframe it down to complete darkness in between flickers, it will look weird because you're not changing the lighting ratios of the scene, you're just squashing the whole thing down - ambient light included. You'd also be pushing the noise floor up and down as well, which may or may not be a good thing.

    What I would do is light the scene for an ambient "unlit" look. This is a base level exposure that won't change during the flickers. If it's at night, you could go with a bluer look coming in from the windows. Then I would light my actors/scene with the practicals (probably supplemented with movie lights). Tie these to dimmers/flicker boxes. Now what happens when you flicker is that you can ensure your exposure doesn't go below that base level exposure. The effect looks real because the ratios change. And if you're doing blue-ish ambient light, you get the added effect from the color temperature difference as your practicals dim out, leaving your moonlight.

    But as always, do tests! You might find that keyframing in post is all you need to do to sell the effect you're going for.
    Aaron Lochert
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