Thread: Copying Lubezki - tell me what I am doing wrong.

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    Good exercise, and insightful discussion for me as a filmmaker.

    I think the biggest issues are:

    - Lack of depth (no separation from the wall)
    - Key is too harsh
    - Practical is pointless (lights a blank wall), unrealistic, too harsh and the lamp (as an object) looks very basic.
    - As mentionned above, I find the colors uninteresting. Looking at the Lubezki shot, the blue from the glass is reflected on the plate and the light coming from the windows. The blue matches well with the gold and brown/burgundy. The white cup and black blower in your shot look boring and add nothing in my opinion. Just a few observations.

    I have made some of these mistakes in the past. Thanks for sharing this and keep working on your craft! Would be dope to see an updated shot. Cheers.
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    Besides the lighting, and art direction. Look at the lenses. Lubezki is less sharp, more smooth. So might want to use older lenses. This might be a sigma 18-35mm lens I presume you are using. Was it wide open at 1.8?
    Because also the DOF of Lubezski is different, He seems to be using a longer lens then you or a much faster lens. So you can test that out, if you have the room for backing up. He also moved in closer to the first actor. Yours seems to be further way.
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