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    Hey people,

    I am a student filmmaker, low budget, you know what I am talking about. I just recently discovered my old gaming PC as a colorgrading and editing machine after spending the last 2 years with a good laptop.
    Turns out the almost 7 old pc is acutally faster than the Laptop.

    So I have an
    Asus M4A88TD V USB3 Motherboard
    AMD X4 Phenom 955 Quadcore CPU
    NVIDIA GTX570 Graphics Card
    8GB RAM
    San Disk 128GB Windwos Drive
    additional 128GB SanDisk Drive
    Samsung 840 EVO 500GB SSD
    BeQuiet 500W Powersupply

    I do not really know how to start. I have a budget to upgrade one component, but which one would be the wisest to start with?

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    I'm not very familiar with AMD processors since I've never owned a system with one but I would look into what are some of the better options for your motherboard's chipset. But 1.25GB of GPU ram isn't going to get you anywhere nowadays. You can find GTX 1060 6GB's for around $300 on Ebay. A lot of the newer GTX's are out of stock or overpriced at the moment thanks to cryptominers. RAM also seems to be a little pricier than usual right now but you can maybe upgrade to 2x8GB for 16GB of DDR3 (make sure you're getting what your motherboard supports, it maxes out at 2000mhz) for a little less than $100.
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    If I had your setup I would be focusing on improving the GPU as best I could afford within my power supply limits and adding more storage space. I'd run out so fast with that amount of space. I have 3 500GB SSDs for editing and then a 1TB hard drive for renders, stills, storage, additional software etc.

    It all depends on your budget.
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    Thanks guys! Ithought resolve was much more CPU intensive?
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    CPU is used for decpompressing/debayering/compressing, typicaly i see on a 20 core/40 thread dual xeon machine the CPU's running around 10% unless rendering/ exporting / caching, but i always use soruce caches and no not debayer on the fly in my prefered workflow\\when rendering i see the CPU's at near 100% across all 40 threads, unless the source or target disks are too slow
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    if you can afford only one component, get this. $260

    it will definitely help, you're you're still going to be bottlenecked by your old cpu. to upgrade that you will also need to get a new motherboard and ram. this a very nice combo.
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