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    I'm not a sound technician or audio expert. I do have some knowledge of them. I am looking for a field audio multi-track recorder and came across these two Zoom products - the Zoom F8 and the Zoom R16. I know that the Zoom F8 is the recommended field recorder for video production work. For 1/3 its price, the Zoom R16 can pretty much do the same. So what's the difference where Zoom markets the F8 for video work while the R16 as a Desktop DAW interface? Why shouldn't I chose the Zoom R16?
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    Portability, form factor, limiters, stereo mixing capabilities, phantom power & battery power are big ones. A field recorder makes life about 100x easier for most video work. They are designed for portability and to be carried around. I can boom, monitor a couple channels of wireless, and adjust levels on the fly at the same time with a field recorder. A studio recorder, not as much.

    If you were on a set where everything was wireless mics and you could set up in a little corner on a cart, a studio recorder could work as well. How many channels of recording do you need? I have trouble managing 3x wireless channels and a boom by myself for a total of 4 channels (a separate boom operator makes things much easier). I can't imagine any small production needing anywhere close to 16 channels at the same time, and if they did, they had better be hiring *several* sound professionals.

    For music recording, obviously channels can add up with all of the instruments. But for video/film production, not as much.
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