Thread: This is another bit of kit I'm learning to let others just find out for themselves.

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  1. #1 This is another bit of kit I'm learning to let others just find out for themselves. 
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    People ask me, why a Mac?
    And I say, for what I do the only reason is FCPX.
    They say, Premier is good enough, right?
    I now say, OK, see ya when I see ya on the FCPX forums one day.

    In a world of "what card will handle this format" "what processor do I need to work with this camera file" "etc etc etc." FCPX keeps eating large video files for lunch and spitting them out in real time. Smooth as butter.

    I was originally skeptical of Mark's comment in his first "Why Red" promo, of grading and cutting 8K RED footage on a laptop. Then in his second addition to "Why Red", he touches on needing to work on laptops and it shows him cutting on FCPX. Of course, I say to myself! What else would it have been?
    This is a killer promo by the way.

    And yes I see he's doing his roto work in Adobe, but do you need real time for roto work?
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