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  1. #1 Decent Battery Solution for BMPCC (as of 2017) 
    I finally got me a used BMPCC + Speedbooster.

    I'm currently looking for accessories (viewfinder, SD card, batteries).
    Is there a decent solution yet, for powering the Bmpcc without having a shitload to mount around the camera? As I like to keep it small as it is, and use it just with the viewfinder (hand-held).
    I kinda liked the idea of the Switronix Pocketbase, but had to find out, that it sucks in terms of built quality.

    I have tons of Sony NP-F and Canon LP-E6 batteries flying around. So any recommendation for those types of batteries would be much appreciated.
    Something to mount on top using the 1/4" mount would be awesome.

    BTW: My fellow built a simple DIY solution for LP-E6 batteries. He just used a battery plate of one of those knock-off universal chargers. Did some soldering and attached a 12V connector. He attaches it to the Zacuto Viewfinder using simple velcro tape. Pretty smartass if you ask me.
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    I ended up using this:

    ... for the Pocket and the BMPC4K. It's a bit pricy but you get many mounting options and a lot of recording time especially if you like using an additional EVF. And since it also has a V-Mount connector you can use it with cameras like the URSA mini too. Don't buy the additional adapters because IMHO they are too expensive. Just use a D-Tap adaptercable instead.
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    That's the kind of stuff I was looking for. But it'll make the camera setup probably twice as heavy (if not more).

    Is it possible to use any kind of V Mount battery with this adapter?
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    I bought a secondhand Switronix, it was terrible - lasted a couple of hours and the batteries would fall out on a rig let alone attched to the camera.

    Just recently got the Magic Power Juice Box which is great. Read somewhere that it can power just over 7 hours of continuous RAW recording. Haven't tried that, but in pratice I got a weekends use of the camera on one charge.

    Probably not as compact as you'd like, but does have a cheeseplate included and could attach to the bottom of the BMPCC with the weight giving you a bit more stability.
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    I can vouch for the Juicebox batteries lasting over 7 hours on the pocket. Also, as a shameless plug, I have a couple for sale if you want one...

    They're not even that heavy and the extra weight can help eliminate micro jitters. I took some video on a cruise with just the bare camera and some Nikon batteries and every. single. shot. is shaky. Even with a wide angle lens.
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    2nd vote for Juicebox Magic power. It's great.
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    At touch off topic but would the Juicebox be able to power a Micro & monitor?
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    I use a Juice Box and attach it to the top of my Small Cage with a tiny nato rail when on tripod or a slider.

    When I want the camera to be lighter - hand held and/or steadicam merlin - I have the juice box hanging from my body with a camera strap and connect it to the camera with a 12v cable. Runs for hours and hours. I can even use it just to top up the internal battery whenever I need it. Like a portable charger.
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    Juicebox MagicPower.

    Cheapest all-day battery there is.

    Don't leave home without it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanite View Post
    At touch off topic but would the Juicebox be able to power a Micro & monitor?
    You need the following:
    • 5.5mm X 2.5mm male to dual female splitter:

    • A regulated canon adapter for the Micro:

    • A 2.5mm male to male DC cable for the monitor:

    A cheaper (and longer lasting) alternative to the Juicebox is this:

    You trade the cheeseplate for batt level indicator and 5v usb out, but because of its higher capacity it takes longer to charge.
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