Hi everyone,

owner since a few years now of a BMCC and a Pocket, I recently bought a DJI Mavic Pro. As you can imagine, I wanted to match a much as I can the look of the Mavic to the renowned BMD look !!

So I did some tests and created two LUTs (for D-Log and D-Cinelike) to match the Mavic to a neutral LUT I also created for BM cameras. I was very surprised and pleased with the results.

Here is the full review and at the far end the link to download the LUTs : http://girwet.com/tournages/mavic_en.html
Hope that can be useful to some of you !

Here a short video I did to test the match of the cameras (there's even some GoPro in there !) :

PS : sorry for the double post (in Footage/frame), wrong category, it can be deleted...