Thread: powering ursa mini pro over DTAP from Vlock battery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Finnigan View Post
    That's a very bad idea. You need a 12v regulator in place if you are going to use the XLR input for battery power.
    Oh, thanks for the info. Glad I didnt order yet then
    Does there exist a cable from v-lock to v-lock. So I can connet this v-lock cable to the battery plate from my ursa mini pro. So in that case I do not need the 12v regulator?

    If not, what regulator(cheap and compact) would you recommend?
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    Not a good idea, never have seen a Vlock cable per se. This is what the 4-pin XLR connection is for, and going cheap in any power solution is an accident waiting to happen. Another OP here just fired his new camera and a VA trying to use a cheap power solution to power both. I would contact BM Support directly about the voltage requirements for the 4-pin XLR. Many cameras with a direct 4-pin power connection are designed to allow connection to an external 12-volt battery pack, which can output from 12-16VDC, like a VLock battery does.

    Some newer VLock and Gold Monnt battereis have a regulated DTap output, which should then work to power the Ursa Mini with a DTap,to 4-pin XLR cable, if you go who’s route make sure to get a good quality cable, not a cheap Asian knockoff —remember not all cables are created equal, and you get what you pay for. IndiePro, Zacuto, Wooden Camera and Video Devices all offer quality cables. Also “Cables to Gol is another good source for quality cables.

    BM Supoirt should be able to advise you if you can connect a 12-16VDC battery using the 4-pin XLR, then you will have the correct info direct from BM. This is a user forum, our replies are usually based on past experience, but some posters will give you “sidewalk supervisor” comments without any real knowledge of the specific equipment in question, but rather based on perhaps using a similar camera like a Sony ENG camera (which can take from 12-18VDC on its 4-pin XLR power connection).

    Whatever you do, do not go cheap — get the right gear for the job. If you need 12-VDC, then get a good professional quality regulated battery distribution system, like a BDS or Zacuto and Wooden Camera solutions designed for your camera.
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