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    Quote Originally Posted by TravisA View Post
    Thanks, Note. Nice, simple, and good-looking setup. I'm actually about to use the 120d's on a shoot this weekend with a fairly similar setup--big window providing key and I'll be using the 120d's to match it as the sun shifts. Thanks again.
    Here's a video in motion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rotbart View Post
    Looks really good Note. Someone that knows how to expose!
    Beginner's luck! :]

    Quote Originally Posted by Retrospective View Post
    Does anyone know if the 300d's 2K output is without the fresnel attachment?
    I think some are asking that in the Aputure group on FB (and on here). You should join, one of the guys, Ted, is very active.

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bergstrom View Post
    Yep. We had one land, then immediately ordered another one. They are now on every shoot if we can manage them. The 120D is exactly 1/3rd the brightness of the Razr7, and pretty much identical to the Hexolux D7.
    Oops, forgot to mention you! The initial thought came from your usage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Note Suwanchote View Post

    Beginner's luck! :]
    Are you sure? If so, I want that luck. Also, I am going to copy this simple setup, you reminded me to go simpler with lighting and work my way up.
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