Thread: Question about the atomos ninja blade on black magic cameras.

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  1. #1 Question about the atomos ninja blade on black magic cameras. 
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    Now from what I can tell the ninja blade is an amazing product and I'm not sure why anyone would pick up just a monitor when you could go with this. 10 bit 4:2:2 fits right in with my Micro Cinemas hdmi output specs, dual battery for amazing battery life, heaps of exposure tools.

    I just have some questions.

    1. I noticed people complaining that it didn't come with standard frame markers, does anyone know if this has been updated? The comment was from 2014.

    2. I'm only just reading and learning about the HDR feature but just from the preview video I noticed that there is no preset for black magic film log, would this be an issue or is there by chance a setting and its just not shown?

    3. Is the ninja blade capable of monitoring 60p from the micro? I see that the spec sheet says "720p; 50/60p" so I'm hoping so even though the micro sends out a 1080p signal.

    I really love the idea and versatility behind this product as I plan to use the in camera SD cards for Raw, 3:1 Raw and anything that requires 60p.

    Thanks in advance for any responses
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    The only thing wrong for me is it doesn't have SDI. What you say, the Micro doesn't even have SDI. I use the Small HD 502 or a Odyssey 7+ where I can see the image in the field monitor at the camera, add a lut, and then over SDI pass through to another monitor so a wider audience can review. My directors monitor does not work at 60p though now that you brought this up I need to see if there's a firmware update. Probably not, it's an old one. One things for sure monitors and the needs we have for them are changing really fast.
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    Yes, yes they are....
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    yeah thats a good poitn that it doesn't come with SDI out or in. How would a hdmi pass through go for achieving the same thing? it does have hdmi in and out. I also believe the Micro is capable of outputting composite video out via the expansion port so that could also be an option although you wouldn't get any LUT overlays.

    But anyway I'm not sure I'd be at that point yet.

    Really I'd want to know if you can view the 60p Micro footage once set to 60p and how the HDR mode is effected by not having a black magic preset.

    I understand that the ninja blade will do a fine job at 24/25/30 1080 prores though.
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