Thread: With Apple's Mac Pro announcement - Windows or Mac for Resolve?

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  1. #1 With Apple's Mac Pro announcement - Windows or Mac for Resolve? 
    If you are going to make an investment in a new system, and you can go either way, what do you think is the best platform to host Resolve and why?
    No 90's PC/Mac wars please, contextualize your responses with your opinions of the present and future of the hardware and operating systems.
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    There is no one way. Whatever fits your workflow needs, familiarity of system and OS, and budget. As long as you conform to the requirements of Resolve and the sizing needed for your projects, Resolve is capable either way.
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    the only thing they actualy announced is that they will not anounce anything for at least another year...

    Reslove overheats the GPU's on the trashcan - rendering a clean master @ 4k with NR or OFX is problematic to say the least, nearly impossiable at worst

    If that is what you need to deliver then Linux, Windows, hackintosh or a massivly hotrodded 5.1 are the real world options despite what the config guides say
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    I'd build a PC with a Ryzen CPU and a GeForce 1080Ti GPU for crushing 2K DNG footage in Resolve, and have a MacBook Pro for offline editing in FCP X. Have the best of both worlds!
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    h a c k i n t o s h
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    PCs are more future proof due to how modular they are. You can continue to upgrade and overclock for years and years. A well built PC can also run toe to toe with the build quality of a Mac Pro (which is why I recommend anyone to build their own PC, because most PC manufacturers lack the same quality control you'd get from Apple).

    Apple builds great quality machines, but they are not the best investment because you can not upgrade them in significant ways. Remember that computer specs and needs drastically increase every year. Unless you can afford to buy a new machine every generation then Apple makes it hard to keep up.
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    i plan on going with a ryzen 1700 for my next machine. great bang for the buck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ugafan View Post
    i plan on going with a ryzen 1700 for my next machine. great bang for the buck.
    Same. If you're working with codecs that don't have much computational overhead (ProRes, DNxHR, CinemaDNG, etc.) then a 1700 is more than adequate.
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    Consider a Linux machine. See website Blackmagic: "Computer based solutions are always limited to the single computer you’re running on. DaVinci Resolve on Linux smashes this limitation, because it’s based on a cluster of Linux computers with high performance GPU cards, so all processing is always real time."
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    Did some unscientific "apples to oranges" tests on all the Resolve platforms this week. Of course my MacBook Pro can't compete in terms of CPU/GPU, but it was still interesting. I mostly compared how well the user interface responded, how smooth it was.

    macOS Sierra (Macbook Pro Retina, Mid 2014)
    Very good GUI performance on the Edit page. Dragging clips around is quite smooth. Best edit experience of all three (as long as suitable codecs are used and no grading is performed). I imagine this comes from the highly optimized GUI functions in the OS and drivers. Might be more sluggish on larger projects. Good audio when scrubbing the timeline in different speeds, much better than the others. Forget about the Color page on this particular laptop though.

    Windows 10 (HP Z840, 2 x Xeon E5-2620v3 2.4GHz 6 Core, 2 x GTX TITAN X)
    Pretty good at everything, doesn't really excel in any area compared to the other systems but not slow either. In the end this was more stable than the Linux install on my hardware.

    Linux - CentOS 7.3 (HP Z840, 2 x Xeon E5-2620v3 2.4GHz 6 Core, 2 x GTX TITAN X)
    Horrible GUI performance on the Edit page. Dragging clips around the timeline is downright unpleasant. On the other hand the GUI performance on the Color page is fantastic! The OS wanted me to approve installation of updates, which I did. After that it wouldn't start again...
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