Thread: Ursa Mini Pro - IR Cut on 'Clear' Filter?

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    Fair enough. I guess when I say IR cut, I mean IR 'attenuation'. I personally don't feel the sensor is attenuated enough, and was hoping that they adjusted this via 'clear filter' on the Ursa Mini Pro.

    Obviously BMD feels like the got the attenuation right, or they would have added more IR attenuation on the 4.6k sensor glass. So I'm personally not expecting much from the clear filter. And it's really not a big deal one way or the other to me. I'd love to leave one more filter at home (my Hoya IR cut) but it's not the end of the world if it still ends up on every lens.
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    I shot with ipthe URSA Mini 4.6K in raw 4:1 60 fps on Saturday in 9 degree Celsius in both overcast and sunny skies with NiSi IRND and without any IR filtration. I didn't notice any glaring problems when I stopped using the IRND in direct sunlight. I'll take a closer look and see if there is a problem.
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