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  1. #1 What shotgun mic for BMCC?! 
    Hey All,

    Still rocking my trusty BMCC and thought it's time to add a mic - anyone have any good suggestions? The internal mic as we know sucks donkey balls mostly records the sound of it's own fan, and so I'm looking for a super shotgun or something with a pickup field so narrow that it can mitigate the loud internal fan on the BMCC. I have one of those handy 1/4" to XLR audio boxes. Would like to spend no more than $150.....thanks!
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    I have both of these. I also own Rhodes and Sennheisers shotguns. But let me tell you these babies will run circles around the Rhodes NG and pretty comparable to the senns. The only issue I get from them is they are almost always out of stock... So if it is in stock, definitely grab it. Marantz makes quality audio products too.
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    Thanks Eyu for the response!
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