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    The Veydra's work great on the BM Micro camera, not too "big" looking in the smaller camera. I am leaning to getting the 12mm Veydra MFT next, instead of a Panny-Leica 12mm f/1.4, both great lenses on opposite ends of the scale.
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    I don't doubt they work great on the micro, shoot pockets and love them, but can't justify that muchlens on that class of camera. We shoot rokinon's, mostly adapted canon ef, with the native MFT 12mm for wide.

    If at NAB BM showed an ursa micro type deal with screen and audio, 4K full size MFT sensor, then yeah all in, wouldn't even need camera yet, just knowing there is long term life in the format. Oh well. Hope this theft doesn't kill Veydra, I like what they are trying to do, if I shot Sony e mount I'd probably get the 25 an up that cover, but it's looking like the future is super 35 pl, saving a bit longer for those Sony's.
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    The CineAlta set has a lot going for it, but that's a good chunk of change. Now the SLR Magic set will be less initial outlay and if you went with about five of the APO, price is about the same.
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