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    Cengiz, it's actually a SmallHD DP4 monitor. With the hood on, I haven't had any problems during daytime shooting.
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    Hi all, I finally joined BMCUser just to post in this thread!

    I went a bit nuts with my build and traded size for other things, but I've shot a bunch of stuff with the BMMCC as my A Cam and it works a treat. There are some usability issues, but I do a bit of run and gun solo operator stuff, often in mixed lighting, and I'm happy to trade some usability for being able to shoot 3:1 RAW. Plus that 95wh V-Lock battery powers the camera and the monitor for 6+ hours, and balances the camera for handheld and a little bit of shoulder work as well. Most of the bits I got from Smallrig, with a Lanparte Battery Pinch and the Shape wooden handgrip. That handgrip is great, it rotates by pressing the red button like the FS5, and I usually have it positioned next to the HDMI port for handheld work. I also DIY-ed a little control box on the left which makes a nice little handgrip when I have it on the shoulder. A couple of bits of velcro and a spare bag divider makes a shoulder pad.

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    Some updates on my rig, now servo zoom and focus correction when zooming to make a non parfocal lens at least close to parfocal

    Zoom functionality (The strength of the press defined the zoom speed.)

    Parfocal functionality (Pretty simple correction on the range of 24 to 60 mm that is most problematic on the Canon 24-105 mm f4)
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    LeViteZer Smooths the movement,
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    Nice addition with the new zoom control. This leaves the pot knob for Iris, when using EF zoom lenses.
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