Thread: A lot of announcements this past week SmallHD 503 703

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  1. #1 A lot of announcements this past week SmallHD 503 703 
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    Sold my 502 in anticipation.
    But that price is a considerable jump (at least for me)

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    yikes! That's a lot o' cash for a monitor, bright or otherwise.
    With that many nits gleaming out the front of that thing I'm curious as to what its power draw is like. Wouldn't surprise me if it pulled as much as a big camera itself. And the heat... the 502/702 already run very warm as is.
    This would be one I'd definitely have to rent & try before I plonked down that kind of money, and I like SmallHD's stuff.
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    SmallHD's prices are always too high.
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