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    was thinking about the ronin-m, but if anyone has a better idea i'm open to suggestions.

    one question i have is, how can i power the bmcc while it's on the ronin (or other stabilizer)? the battery in my camera runs out really quickly so i need a way of powering the camera. would i be able to use something like this to run power from the ronin to camera?
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    I've used ronin-m a lot with pocket and micro camera. Works well. I'm sure other gimbals are equally good.

    With the ronin-m you can power the camera from a D-tap(or if you prefer to call it P-tap) built into the camera platform.
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    I've used the Ronin-M with the BMPCC and really disliked the additional weight of it compared to small gimbals (for example Beholder DS1). But these small ones don't offer D-Tap for powering the camera, at least none that I know.
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