Thread: anyone's batteries getting stuck in the BMPCC?

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  1. #1 anyone's batteries getting stuck in the BMPCC? 
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    I have original and wasabi power EN-EL20s all getting stuck in the battery compartment. I need to open the battery door and keep swinging the camera up and down to eventually nudge the batteries out a little, and then find some pliers to grip them to remove them fully. Anyone else encountering this?
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    Happens all the time... I keep a plastic toothpick (from a martini I got at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills in 1996) in my vest pocket to pry the battery out... No big deal, but annoying if you don't drink martinis...
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    Yeah, common problem. The Pocket's spring just isn't that good.
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    I have 8 third party batteries, one of them is getting stuck.
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    I'm not having any problems with my pocket camera, but with a different camera I used to put some camera tape on the battery leaving a little lip so you can just grab it and pull out.
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    Haven't experienced this problem, nor have I ever heard about it before (and I did a lot of research of the BMPCC before I bought it), but I have heard of batteries that has "swelled" after prolonged charging in camera.

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    Yes, Thomas has a good point. If you are having issues with batterie sticking in the camera, take a caliber and measure on ofmthese bsttereis, and compare the reading to a new battery, or one that is not sticking. If the suspect bsttereis have swelled, they have been overcharged, and should be discarded. Do Not put them into the camera again, or you might not get one back out again!
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    I have the same problem and I suppose the spring is on the cheap side here - as is the hdmi-port. One has to sacrifice for its price point. (I have a Zoom H6 whith
    the same problem, even worse, can't get the SD-card out without tweezers.)
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    Only happens to me with third party batteries.
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    I know some hate to hear "It's not the camera", but in this case it's not the camera. You have to weigh the common denominator in this instance. If only a few batteries are hard to remove and others slide out like butter, then what's the common denominator?

    Over charged, swollen Li-ion batteries are a ticking time bomb, and even small ones like the one the pocket use can reach temperatures up 1800deg F when punched or damaged. So be careful!
    Once I start to get one that gets sticky it goes in the battery reclying bin. And for the most part it mostly seems to be the cheepies, but not always.

    Most of the time damage to batteries caused by charging are due to the charger itself. And just because you bought a charger from a known store doesn't mean the charger is ok. Aftermarket, and knock off chargers are one of the biggest threats to 'larger high end electronic manufactures' and their OEM battery lifespans, reliability, and safety.

    And sometimes the battery has just been charged to many times.
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