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Cineform low, medium, and high are all 10 bit YUV 4:2:2 i-frame codecs. Bit rates range from around 107Mbps for low to 235 Mbps for high. The two highest quality modes Filmscan 1 and 2, are 16 bit RGB 4:4:4.


Can you explain this persons second post? http://www.kenstone.net/discussions/read.php?3,38384 The person in the second post is saying if you add an effect, title etc to avchd you lose quality. I've never had this happen. What is this person talking about? Is this strictly a Final Cut problem and not a premiere problem?

I also keep reading that transcoding does nothing to help. Read this. http://www.provideocoalition.com/tra...color-premiere

Why would transcoding make the footage worse?? Another article I can't seem to find right now mentioned avchd had color artifacts when color correcting, such as banding and blocking with added noise.