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    Repeat what Denny says here a few times and it will make more sense to you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Denny Smith View Post
    Using the camera histogram will show the level of the sensor exposure, where the VA will show the level of the Rec 709 signal. I always use Zebra and Histogram from th camera overlay, which more accurately reflects the film log exposure levels.
    It's spot on.
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    Thanks Marshal and DP Stewart.
    If a camera supports it, Waveform and False Color are better exposure aids. Given that the Micro has neither, we are left with Zebra and a Histogram meter. I added a SmallHD 502 to my Micro, and I am in the process of calibrating it against the Micro camera's exposure meters/sensor exposure in film log, to get a corollary between the monitor waveform/false color, and the camera's actual exposure on the sensor. Once you know how the two compare, you can useually trust the monitor's exposure tools.

    That said, I still always check the camera overlay Zebra to double check for sensor clipping. You can always make some adjustments to,the exposure in post, but you can not get back lost values through clipping or being way underexposed.
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