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    Hi guys

    I'm still trying to figure out the "best" way to grade Ursa mini 4.6k footage. It looks amazing right of the camera, just tweaks to the levels to set contrast and saturation on the log image and it's very cinematic already. But I like using Film Convert and other LUTs, though if I used them on an already contrasty image, it would eat DR and just be too much. And I can't use a LUT without first setting proper levels. So far, my current MO is to use Filmconvert and dial down the effect on the Film Convert settings (film color and gamma). How do you guys grade using LUTs (especially, filmstock LUTs)?

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    Try putting the LUT last, and then put a node right before it that you use to raise and lower the very top and the bottom of your curve line. That usually will do what you're after without having to lessen the other effects of the LUT.

    It will give you control of the light and dark aspects of the contrast going INTO the LUT. Just move the endpoints up and down, no need for a fancy curve shape.
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    Thanks Stewart! I actually like to play with the film color slider on Filmconvert because the UM colors are just so natural that it looks good and organic. But LUTs and Filmconverts and other things really help to push the footage out of the "natural" look and into different directions and colorspaces. I tried your technique and it works great!
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