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    So for the life of my PC tat is dedicated for DaVinci Resolve 12.5 I have always used the fastest SSD configured to RAID 0 for the scratch discs. However a couple of times now I have had run into problems with RAID 0 causing drive failures without any chance of recovery (well I do recover from backup). But the worse is that when it fails I would have to start from scratch. I have learned from other people experiences that SSD configured as RAID 0 are more prone to failures than HDD configured as RAID 0. My understanding is that RAID 0 is best configured with HDD than SSD. So I am in a quandary as to how best to take on my next move since my RAID 0 SSD just failed the third time yesterday and I lost my work that didn't get into my nightly backups. The SSD drives are fine (Samsung EVO 850). So here are my choices for what I am considering:

    1. Rebuild RAID 0 with the existing SSD drives (2 drives).
    2. Replace the SSD with 2 7200RPM HDD and set it up as RAID 0.
    3. Partition the existing SSDs as 2 logical drives (No RAID).

    I don't want to do a RAID 10 as it does slow down from what I am told and I'm better off with an HDD Raid 0 from a performance standpoint.

    Anyone experienced the same situation and made a better decision? Thoughts and recommendations are very much appreciated.

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    A single SSD is typically faster than a two drive RAID 0 so the only reason to do this is for extra capacity. Makes more sense to buy larger SSD's or build Raid arrays with spinners if you need a lot of space. RAiD 10 is not the most space efficient, but it is the most reliable for backup and speed combined.
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    Are SSD's still having problems with lots of write cycles? I know they're okay for quick reads but I thought that repeated write cycles shortens their lives.
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    I believe that the SSD write cycles are giving me the issues which have resulted to failures. But I am going to give it another chance with RAID 0 configuration. I did used just 1 SSD and at 24fps 4K (4 nodes and filters), the same clip playback was between 23-24fps while at 2 SSD RAID 0, same playback was at 24fps all throughout. Not a scientific test but it was noticeable. Thanks for your feedbacks.
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    For Resolve scratch, I use the 1TB very fast flash drive in the iMac 27" late 2015. But the new flash memory in the MacBook Pro is even faster! Not a dirt cheap solution, but it may work for some folks.

    I ran my Pegasus2 R6 with 4TB HDD drives in RAID 0 for a while, with write speeds over 1GB/s, but got nervous and reconfigured it to RAID 10 with half the performance. Sleep easier.
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