Thread: 77mm filter on a 82mm lens. Vignette?

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    I'm planning to buy the Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 VC for my a7s. Majority of 24-70 2.8 lenses have 82mm filter size but I have invested in many 77mm filters. It would be such a pain to replace them. Maybe someone have an similar experience with a step down rings and vignetting. Specially interested in Tamron 24-70 on a full frame camera with a step down ring for 77mm filter. My main filter would be Tiffen Vari ND.
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    Depends on the focal,length of,the lens and it's projected imagemcircle in relation to the sensor size. On 135mm sensor, wide angle focal length (where the projected kmagemcircle is smaller) will probably vignette, on longer focal lens with its larger I agemcircle, it should not vignette. The larger size of the lens front is used by the wide angle part of the zoom, which is why it is 82mm to start with.

    I have used a 82/77 stepdown ring on Super16mm lenses, Zeiss 12mm Super Speed, with no issue, but on the 9.5mm it vignettes big time. The longer the focal length, the larger the projected image circle on most lenses. Vignetting also depends on subject distance and f/stop too.
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