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    If someone interested, this lens is for sale now because i find that 12mm fits better for my workflow. The lens is slightly de-centered but pretty usable in real life. For perfect results needs to be repaired somehow.
    P.M me if you interested. Ask $500 for lens + $100 for HAWK'S FACTORY ARRI B to M4/3 adapter.
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    it can't be adapter. i measure it from all sides with precise tools and it is perfectly uniform. The lens sits in the adapter without any shifts. Also when i flip the lens to 180 degree in the adapter the mismatched focus effect also flips to another side.
    Some PL-Mount adaptors may have a sharp front inner corner where the flange meets the shoulder. On the ARRI B-Mount on the lens, there may be a fillet radius in that matching corner which the sharp corner of the adaptor will ride high on. If there is some clearance between the B-Mount shoulder and the PL-Mount adaptor, then it is likely the adaptor may hang high on one side of the fillet radius which will de-centre the optical axis of the lens and yield a soft edge on one side of the image. Abnormal wear of a fillet radius may also throw it off. The key clearance slot in the PL-Mount to ARRI B adaptor will also allow its side of the flange face to fit slightly closer and de-centre the lens if the mount is hanging on a fillet radius. It is no big deal to dress out a very small clearance chamfer from the sharp inner corner of the PL-Mount adaptor. This will then permit full face contact across the inner flange. Best though to get a lens tech to do it for you. Hard particles getting onto the rear element and then scratching it next cleaning time are not funny.
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