Not really BMD related, but I guess there are some guys here who might give some insight to a problem I'm having.

So, we do a lot of projects here in Mozambique that involv interviews with people who don't speak Portuguese (which is the country's official language, and the language we deliver our films on). All together there are around 50 different languages spoken in the country (some are even specific to a single village or group of villages). The best solution for us is to subtile the entire interview into Portuguese, which means we must find a speaker of both Portuguese and the language we are translating from, and just that is a hard enough task, let alone subtitling 4-5 hour long interviews for editing. After many months researching for a good subtitling tool, we decided to use Zeitanker Annotation Edit, which I highly recommend. But, while this is a great subtitler for final versions, it is not ideal for rough cuts.

The thing is: I can export an xml with .png images with the subtitles and just import those into Premiere, put them on a track above everything and export (if I want hard subs), or just use the xml as a subtile file for the DCP, DVD, BluRay, or whatever. But for roughs, where I might need to edit a certain subtitle or simply correct a spelling mistake I might find, this is not possible with .png files without roundtripping again to Annotation Edit. I can also export a Final Cut Pro XML, which then creates titles that are editable, and that's great, but something strange happens and the subs loose all the formating properties (font, size, position, etc). There is an option to export using "Premiere CC Fontname", which does nothing for me... I could re-edit the subtitles again to my desired formating, but this would take forever, as Premiere doesn't allow to copy and past attributes from one clip to another, like Final Cut Pro used to allow (I would just need to edit one and then copy the attributes to the rest).

I really don't have any other solution for now (we are editing with the unformated subtitles and roundtripping the roughs to Annotation Edit to export a .png sequence to show the client, so they see the subs the way we want). The only thing I found that eases the process just a little bit is to create a style in the title editor and "Apply Style with Font Size" (why is this not default?!) to every other sub individually, but that won't save me any time.

If someone has some idea of how to solve this, I would be very thankful. For now I will keep with the current workflow. Thanks.