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    Can this be achieved using Resolve?
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    I'm still learning the nuances of resolve myself and the global keyframe system. however one trick you can do is to make two clips; one with log and one corrected, stack them on top of each other and dissolve between the two.
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    Yes, what you have to do is to duplicate a clip on top of itself on the timeline, cut the top one to where you want the fade to begin, and pull in the "fade in handle" from the corner of the clip so that you get a fade between them. Then in the grade you make sure the top and bottom clips have different grade versions on them. It matters if you use remote grades, I'm not sure it matters in you use local. Now you can just leave the bottom layer ungraded and grade the top layer as you wish and see it fade in over the ungraded clip over time.


    Basically what Tommy said.
    Ola Harström
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