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    Just ordered the Zhiyun Crane. I'll test tomorrow!
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    i have the politely H2. I like the gimbal, but the software is kinda meh. settings are very...ambiguous. I wish the software was more like the zhiyun crane.
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    Anyone floating a BMMCC + Sigma 18-35mm + MB SpeedBooster on the Z Crane?
    Thats 302g + 810g + 176g respectively = 1288g ( Call me a mathematician ) so weight is good at least with latest firmware...not too sure about the weight distribution though!
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    I'm going to try the Sigma 18-35 with a Sony a6000. That should at least give an idea as to the weight distribution.
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    Bad news: the BMCC will not fit the Zhiyun Crane. It's so wide that you need to put the bolt into the third slot and then you can't balance it, whatever lens you choose.
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    Test run with the Zhiyun Crane and RX100 IV:

    Pass: gimbal

    I'm going to try setups with the Sigma 18-35 this weekend.

    Sorry for the blown out highlights and robotic motion at the start. First time out, and I'm still testing the video capabilities of the RX100 IV.
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